Get Involved

How Can You or Your Church Become Involved?

  • Sponsor a Child
  • Sponsor a Project
  • Sponsor a Village
  • Sponsor a Clinic
  • Give to the General Fund so that we can continue to help the local churches expand what they are doing to help at ­risk children and youth
  • Pray for the orphans and vulnerable children
  • Become an Advocate by talking to your friends and your church about getting involved.
  • Participate in a short-­term mission trip to encourage local churches and meet the children
  • Invite our Executive Director to share mission strategies with your church

Current Projects

  • Support a Village in Swaziland – $150K
    As a sponsor you can help build a sustainable community for the orphans.
    (1 Medical Clinic, 1 Church, 1 Preschool, 1 Hand Pump Water Well)
    * Can do a 3 year commitment of $50K per year
  • Build a Medical Clinic and two Houses for Staff in Swaziland – $100K
    • Can do a 4 year commitment of $25K per year
  • Build a Church Structure in Tanzania – $25K
  • Purchase a Truck for the Staff in Swaziland – $20K
  • Solar Electric Pump Water Well in Tanzania- $17K
  • Build a Primary School or Preschool in Tanzania – $7,500
  • Build a Hand Pump Water Well – $7K
  • Sponsor a Sustainable Animal Husbandry Business in Swaziland or Tanzania (Chickens, Rabbits, Goats or Pigs) – $3,500
  • Develop a Sustainable Garden in Swaziland or Tanzania supporting 250-300 people –
  • Provide Internet for a High School in Swaziland for One Year – $1,100
  • Support Feeding Center for the Orphans in Swaziland – $100 for 1 month or $1,200 for 1 year
  • Sponsor a Child until their 18th Birthday – $35/month
  • 7-Day Volunteer Trip – Travel to Africa and experience the joy of serving and meeting
    needs firsthand. Price includes in-country expenses of ground transportation,
    accommodations, all meals, laundry and a safari. Swaziland – $1,500 and Tanzania –

 Lubombo Region Project

“When we first arrived, our partner church had no meeting place. The church met under a tree, and then in a chicken coop where, with the assistance of Advocates, raised chickens to send children to school. The chicken coop was converted into a church building with a kitchen, office, preschool for the village children. They were provided with materials to another chicken coop to continue their poultry business and add egg­-laying chickens. This church has developed a commercial farm that benefits orphaned children. Every project done in this area as thrived. In fact, two more churches have been planted in the area, and they are now growing vegetables, pigs, and raising dairy goats.”