Get Involved

Pray That God will watch over the orphans and vulnerable children of Swaziland and empower the African church.
Donate to the ongoing work of AFAC to help orphans in need and to fight HIV/AIDS.
Engage Become an Advocate for Africa’s children!
Talk to your friends and your church about getting involved.


Expand Your Church’s Mission Involvement

  • Short-term missions
  • Sponsor a Swazi Church project

Church-to-Church Partnerships

Mayaloza International Victory Christian Church
If you would like a church-to-church partnership with a Swazi church, this might be a great opportunity for you. This community is in great need of a preschool and elementary school. The nearest ones are several miles away, and much too far for the children to walk. Would you be interested in helping them to start a school?

Mgambeni Philadelphia Assemblies of God
This church has no meeting place, and currently meets in a chicken coop. The chicken coop is a solid structure and can be converted into a church building, kitchen, and informal school for the children. They will need to build an inexpensive, smaller chicken coop to continue their poultry business. This church can also expand its commercial farm that benefits orphaned children. The community group needs more irrigation pipes, fencing, farming tools, a water tank, and seeds. This is one of the neediest communities in Swaziland, with more than 800 orphaned children to care for. Is your church interested in helping them expand their capacity so they can care for more children?

What We Do

  • Create sustainable agricultural projects that provide nutrition and school fees for orphaned children.
  • Provide training in agriculture to orphans and their caregivers.
  • Provide irrigation and fencing to make farming initiatives more productive.
  • Educate the community about HIV/AIDS prevention.
  • Encourage HIV testing and use of ARV’s.
  • Provide clean water.
  • Provide orphan caregivers with the opportunity to start their own businesses.