About AFAC

Pictured: Heidi Lum and Swazi Pastor David Similane

President Heidi Lum founded Advocates for Africa’s Children in response to God’s call during a mission trip to Swaziland in July 2005. Her passion for the orphaned children has grown into an international organization, based in Hawaii, USA. 

Dedicated to providing for the needs of orphaned children through sustainable projects owned and operated by the local people, her vision is to demonstrate Christ’s love for the children through practical support, nutritious food, and education.

Pastor David Simelane is our National Coordinator, who has a passion to help the orphans in his country and to share God’s love for them. Pastor David Simelane and Heidi Lum have worked closely together to build on common goals and visions to produce strategic plans for encouraging and supporting the churches of Swaziland to care for orphans of AIDS and help thecommunity suffering from the pandemic and resulting poverty.

We are a faith­-based organization. Advocates works through local African churches to care for orphans. These churches are accountable to our National Coordinator, Swaziland Board of Directors, local Chiefs, and the Swazi government. Children receive services and support regardless of religious or ethnic background. Advocates is governed by an inter­-denominational Boards of Directors in Hawaii and Swaziland, overseeing Swaziland operations and providing in­-country accountability.

To read about the vision and how we started, click here to download a testimony of God’s work.

US Board: Heidi Lum (President, Exec. Dir.), Brad Holck (Chairman), Kristi Maynard (Treasurer), Robert Schleicher, Rebecca Woodland, Ellery Lum (Secretary).

Swaziland Board: Timothy Brown, Msizi Dlamini, Eilliot Jele


Holistic Mission

Holistic Christian mission is based on the example of the first missionary, Jesus Christ, and on the work of Paul and Barnabas as they traveled to share the good news about Jesus Christ and the restoration available through faith in him. When Jesus taught, he also healed and restored people to a place of social, religious, and economic viability and vitality. Jesus also went to share the good news with the people on the margins of society; the poor, the outcasts, and the vulnerable. He welcomed children and women in a society that welcomed neither. We believe that because Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God and demonstrated it through his restorative acts, that we must follow his example. To learn more about a Biblical foundation for this type of mission work, download Heidi Lum’s paper entitled, “Good News for the Poor”.


AFAC’s Mission Statement:

To empower the African Church to care for orphans and fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

AFAC’s Purpose:

To express the love of Christ to widows and orphans.

AFAC’s Core Values:

Empowerment, Christ­centered, sustainability, food security, and accountability.


Strategic Partnerships

World Vision

  • Surveys, drilling and installation of bore hole water systems (wells)
  • Economic Empowerment of Caregivers

Children’s Cup

  • Nutritional food supplements