Story of Melusi




“I didn’t know God before, but now I love Jesus and He is changing my life. I have hope for a future, and my family is eating more often.  We have clean water and we are healthier. Please help me do even more for my family.  I can raise chickens and rabbits if I have a hutch that will house them.  I already have a garden, but my 3 year old nephew that I care for needs more protein to grow properly.  Thank you for giving me the love of Jesus and helping me and my family come out of poverty. God bless you!”

– Melusi Khulu, 15 years old



Help Melusi take care of his family. A gift of $250 will provide a rabbit and chicken hutch that will become a sustainable source of food for Melusi, his mother, and his 3 year old nephew. $30 will buy two breeding rabbits. $20 will purchase a hen and rooster that will also multiply and produce needed protein for his family.

$450 will sustain the dairy goats for one month and will provide milk for 50 malnourished children for the entire month. $2,700 will make sure the dairy goats become a completely sustainable project that can support itself within six months.

Give now and help Melusi and other young teens like him who go to school AND support their families.

Video: Melusi leading a song with his church after they received Bibles


Melusi with his 3 yr old nephew, Mlungisi               Melusi testing out the new well in his village

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