Sponsor A Child

vurhongaWe have identified and registered 379 orphaned and vulnerable children in a remote village in the Lubombo region, and would like to ensure the following for them and their families:

1. Food Security
2. HIV/AIDS education and testing
3. Tuition assistance

Your support will also enable us to provide more of the community with clean water and other assistance.


Boys and girls, 3 months to 20 years old, are available for sponsorships. Write to us and specifygender and age, and we will match you with a specific child. We will encourage you to write to your sponsored child, and we will have them write to you a minimum of twice a year. You will receive their photograph and hand print, as well as some basic information about their situation.

To become an ongoing monthly child sponsor, go to our donation page to set up a monthly donation (quarterly $105, or yearly $420, also available), and let us know in the notes section age and gender and we will match you with a child.